6000 W Instant Electric Tankless Water Heater with Bath Shower Kit Heater


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Tankless water heaters conversely heat water as it travels from the mains supply to your tap. Cold water flows into a tankless unit which uses a far more intense electric current or blast of gas to rapidly heat water on the way out of your tap. The supply of hot water is therefore unlimited.

Best and Safest Electric Water Heaters Dimension of white unit : Apr 250 x 150x 70mm Details : 230V- 50/60Hz Range : 6000W | 0. 0 5-0.06 MPa Warm hot water range : 30-55°C IPX4 | Water flow : = 6-7 L/min power line: 2.5mm² copper wire, air switch requirements: =32A, meter requirements: =32A If the water pressure is too low, it is necessary to add a booster pump Installation method: hanging on the wall

Auto Power Off on 60 degrees Celsius is the safety threshold for the protection temperature. When the water temperature exceeds 55 degrees Celsius, the CPU chip will immediately cut off the power supply cooling protection within 0.1 seconds. With dry heat protection and over-temperature protection.

Precise Temperature Control?The intimate temperature display function can control the water temperature change at any time to avoid the water temperature is too cold or too hot.

Touch button for easy operation. This electric water heater with self-regulating temperature technology and high-precision thermostat guarantees a constant temperature. IMPORTANT : No preheating required.

Energy Saving?Automatically adjust power to save energy. Low water pressure to start, higher floor users can enjoy a comfortable shower experience.

Instant Water Heater?It is a water heater for cold water change into hot water, which meets various needs such as: B. in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the public bathroom, etc. Simultaneous supply of several water extraction points.

System comes with full shower system . Important Note : Before and after using heater , Pls press ON/OFF button always to make it safer .


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